4 Wonderful Magic Mushroom Spores Hacks

Psilocybe Cubensis – Growing Psychedelic Mushrooms If you are looking to grow your own Psychedelic mushrooms, Psilocybe cubensi is a excellent choice. It is easy to grow and has a significant psilocybin content, and is readily available. Many factors must be taken into consideration when growing this fungus. These include pH levels and substrate. These … Read more

Give Me 15 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Mushroom Spores

Is Buying Hallucinogenic Mushroom Spores Legal? The question of whether mushrooms can be legally purchased online or by mail-order is a controversial issue. Many marijuana enthusiasts believe that taking hallucinogenic spores is a legal method to enjoy the effects of this drug. However certain experts have suggested that purchasing mushrooms online is a bad idea. … Read more