Anti-Brexit Whitehall chiefs tried to block Australia trade deal

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We were, in a sense, both fighting Whitehall.’ ‘So there were really three sides to the trade negotiation – a large element of the Whitehall establishment, the Australian side and then Liz Truss and those close to her.

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It is the UK’s first ‘from scratch’ trade deal since leaving the EU. The deal, which was agreed by Miss Truss in principle last June, was signed by her successor as International Trade Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

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Australia and the UK finally signed a deal at the end of last year, which ministers say will unlock £10.4billion of additional trade.

In a major boost for Brexit Britain, Kindle the agreement will eliminate all tariffs on exports and will mean Britons will be able to work in Australia for three years.

He said: ‘To change an inherited multi-generational, establishment-reinforced Whitehall-sanctioned culture takes a lot of doing. But that is what Britain is capable of and I think Johnson, for all his faults, has been able to at least kindle that.’

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